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Stiffened raft slab weighbridge - Gatton weighbridge foundation solution

Stiffened raft slab weighbridge – Gatton weighbridge foundation solution

  Stiffened raft slab weighbridge foundation solution for Gatton Waste Facility`s new 20m above ground concrete deck infill weighbridge. Prior to construction, an independent soil test report indicated moderately to highly reactive soil conditions with a low soil compaction – Australasia Scales standard Weighbridge Foundation’s design is based on stable soil conditions having a minimum […]


Bundaberg Weighbridge for Waste Transfer Station.

Bundaberg Weighbridge Requires Piled Foundations.   October 2011 Australasia Scales supplied, installed and trade verified a 20m x 3m above ground weighbridge at a Bundaberg Waste Transfer Station. The fully hot dipped galvanised concrete in-fill weighbridge is supported by 6 heavy duty CAS WBK canister type load cells, each with in-built lightning protection and IP68 […]

Rockhampton City Council - Australasia Scales Weighbridges

Weighbridges Supplied To Rockhampton City Council

Weighbridges Supplied to Rockhampton City Council The Rockhampton City Council approached Australasia Scales Rockhampton branch to tender for the supply and installation of a 60 Tonne – 18m x 3.5m weighbridge. This was to be installed at their new landfill in February 2005. After the tendering process, Australasia Scales were given the order due to […]

Axle Weighers for D.M.N. Holdings.

Axle Weighers for D.M.N. Holdings. D.M.N. Holdings located in Brisbane own and lease large commercial property in SEQ. As part of there service they offer customers extra commercial features to be included in the redevelopments. D.M.N. Holdings approached Australasia Scales to supply weighing devices for four sites in Brisbane area. Australasia Scales assessed each site […]