Give new life to your old weighbridge!

Make your old weighbridge like new again, with a Australasia Scales refurbishment! A concrete in-fill weighbridge deck will typically out live the electronic weighing hardware that it sits atop. Australasia Scales can provide refurbishment including new or existing hardware   In most cases our team can retro-fit your weighbridge with a brand new, digital or analogue […]

Saleyard Refurbishment

Saleyard Cattle Weighbridge Refurbishment

Australasia Scales Central Queensland service team refurbished a Saleyard’s Cattle Weighbridge. The loadcell mounts were identified to be in poor  rusty condition. This would likely result in a critical failure in the near future.  Our experienced service team reused the existing CAS WBK loadcells that have proven to be a robust and reliable option in this […]

Strawberry Field Scale Custom Solution

Australasia Scales designed and supplied a Strawberry Field Scale  . Strawberry farmers use this scale for keeping track of pickers totals. The scale incorporates a printer and CSV database which reports on each pickers totals for a specific date period. The picker brings their picked strawberries to the scale, enter their ID and choose how […]

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Trade approved portable container weighing platforms

  August 2015, Australasia Scales supplied a fully portable, battery operated, three piece container weighing system if the form of two approved for trade platform scales (0.6m x 2.8m each) and a compact instrument case control unit housing an two CAS R323 stainless panel mount indicators (one for each platform) and a CAS R423 summing […]